byenstroms page

By.Enströms is a brand that represents the passion about joinery, crafts, tradition and design.

The Swedish company Enströms Mobler, a company with more than 100 years of history, presents its new brand to recover what was their main business several years ago, the furniture design. Their pieces are linked to the long carpentry tradition of the company mixed with the newest technology. 






Inspired by values such as "tradition", "old" and "quality" and by elements such as the geographical area and the traditional red buildings in Sweden, the brand was getting form until the final result.





The first furniture collection was designed together with the brand. Its name is Kaaja Collection and it will be on the market soon. This is the catalogue.

Some posters for the brand and the furniture collection were designed. 

Some postcards for the Kaaja Collection were also designed. 

Finally, the webpage where the furniture will be presented was designed and it will be fully available soon at