“A collection inspired by the Scandinavian classics mixed with Mediterranean and Japanesse influences.”

Kaaja Collection is designed as the first furniture collection for the new Swedish firm By.Enströms. This collection was designed in order to represent the brand's values of passion about wood and traditions. Every detail is designed specially for its place.

The design combines round shapes with straight lines, creating timeless pieces that can fit in different environments. 

This table was born as a continuation of the Kaaja Collection's cabinets. It presents the same organic shapes than the rest of pieces of the collection. One of the main features of this table is the rack system. It consists on two trays leaning on two sticks. These trays can stay as part of the rack or can be used as trays. When you take the trays, the sticks can be also used as racks for magazines.

Client: www.byenstroms.com

Materials: Oiled ash / Lacquered ash.

Everything is on the details. The organic shapes are studied to be convined with the straight lines creating smooth transitions on the forms. The trays have the paths to fit on the sticks easily and be stable when working as part of the rack. The legs go through the board until the top, being visible the top of the legs. We left the marks of the lathe as an original sign of the traditional work behind each of these pieces.


The dimensions of the table shown on these pictures are 1200mm lenght, 800mm width and 550mm high. However, the dimensions can be customized as happening with the rest of the cabinets of the Kaaja Collection.